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Ghost Grin | Pacific Mold Design
Colorful Ghost Grin | Pacific Mold Design

Ghost Grin Silicone Mold


Wicked Wall Masks

Ghost Grin Silicone Mold

Make your Halloween decorations creepier with this silicone mold of a ghost with a grin. It's handmade in the USA with the highest-quality silicone, providing a longer lifespan than tin-based silicone molds. In addition, the mold is easy to use, non-toxic, and will last for years!

Dimensions: 2.5" tall x 4" across x 1.25" thick

Silicone molds degrade over time and with constant, repeated use. Therefore, we encourage the use of a mold release when casting and proper care. De-mold pieces gently to help prolong the silicone mold's lifespan. 

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