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Bat Silicone Mold
Bat Silicone Mold
Bat Silicone Mold
Bat Silicone Mold
Bat Silicone Mold

Bat Silicone Mold


Ragged Witch Creations

Bat silicone mold. Perfect for Halloween!

With this mold, you can make unique charms, necklaces, magnets, and all the things you can imagine!
You can use resin, polymer clay, soap on it and combine colors and textures. Use your imagination!


You can choose between:

-Normal silicone: Do not use it on food. The silicone used is skin-safe but should not be used for any cooking applications.
-Foodsafe silicone: You can use the mold for chocolate, candies, jelly creations.



Dimension of the mold: 3.14 inches x 3.14 inches
Dimension of finished cast: 3.93 inches x  2.36 inches

The mold is made from a high-quality platinum, addition-cure silicone. It is very firm and durable and has a longer lifespan than tin-based silicone molds.

Don't forget this is a handmade item, and the mold could have minor "imperfections" in the outer area that do not alter the quality of the copy.

All silicone molds degrade over time with constant repeated use. Using a mold release when casting + taking care to de-mold your pieces gently will help prolong the life of your silicone molds.