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Frequently Asked Questions

Making A Planter?

Here's how we do it:

(1) Mix Cement or Plaster of Paris
(2) Prepare a level surface for molds
(3) Spray mold with anti-stick (cooking spray)
(4) Gently pour concrete into your mold
(5) Tap the edges to shake out and airbubbles
(6) Remove skull from your mold once cured
(7) Drill out drainage hole and decorate

Tricky Removal Techniques

Some molds are rather deep and do have sticking points making the removal a challenge. To avoid these issues, use a "leash" or "loop" to help remove the casted items. You can use thin wire, a piece of string or embed a nail into your wet casting to create a point of leverage when removing your items.

Further, Plaster of Paris and Cement can make the inside of the mold tacky or balmy from unevaporated water. This can increase the difficulty, don't panic. To remedy this, try using a compressed air nozzle to blow the moisture out from between the item and the mold. Sometimes this will remove the item too.

 Order Processing

We make our molds by hand. Please allow 5-7 business days before shipping. 


Shipping Service

We primarily use USPS. Typical delivery time from departure from our facility is 2-3 business days.