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4-Piece Skull Planter Set | Pacific Mold Design
4pc Skull Planter Set
4pc Skull Planter Set

4pc Skull Planter Set

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Pacific Mold Design

Make Skull Planters Home

Make dozens of beautifully detailed skull planters using Plaster of Paris or concrete. Our handcrafted molds are reusable and durable. We recommend the use of cooking spray or traditional mold release to help increase the molds longevity. 

Remember, plants require water drainage, drill out a small hole before planting and please do not attempt to use resin products.

Included in this package:

• (2) 8″ Skull Mini Planter Mold

• (2) 11.75" Skull Planter Mold


(1) Mix concrete in a bucket
(2) Prepare a level surface for molds
(3) Spray mold with anti-stick
(4) Pour concrete into your mold
(5) Even concrete out in the mold
(6) Remove skull from your mold once cured
(7) Drill drainage hole, plant and enjoy!