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5” Custom Logo Molds
5” Custom Logo Molds

5” Custom Logo Molds


Pacific Mold Design

Calling all candle, soap and handmade product makers! Take your branding to the next level with your logo or any other custom artwork. 

Select either the silicone or ABS material and the round or square shape. We then access your existing logo, render the design model and collaborate with you for a final approval. Once approved, we will then 3D print and provide silicone or ABS molds for you to use. 

Silicone is Tin Cure (not food safe)- excellent for resin casting, poly foam, concrete, plaster and low temperature metals. If food safe silicone is required, let’s discuss after the purchase.

ABS Plastic- thermoplastic molds are suitable for concrete, plaster, polyurethanes and clay. Not clear resin compatible. 

* Shipping is free within the domestic U.S. 

**Turnaround time is approximately 7-10 business days from final rendering approval.