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14-Inch ABS Bear Mold | Pacific Mold Design
Bear Mold 14" ABS
Bear Mold 14" ABS

Bear Mold 14" ABS


Pacific Mold Design

Large 12”x14” Bears Head Casting Mold. The tip of the bear's snout stretches out to 4” and is mounted to a wood grain plank. This is a mold that will wow its admirers.

Easy to use for all ages and experience levels. Simply add concrete, plaster, gypsum, or any casting type material to the mold, allow proper drying time, and enjoy!

Use your finished products on the interior/exterior of your home or garden. It's great as a craft activity or for a professional project. These molds can be used for future projects over and over again.

*Be sure to use a mold release (cooking grease type material) when casting from detailed molds. This will also prolong the life of your molds.