Death Moth Mold
Death Moth Mold

Death Moth Mold


Cast and hang as wall decor, set on a fireplace mantle or set in the corner of a lonely wall. This handcrafted masterpiece will cast a 28"x14.5"x2" item.

Using 96oz of store bought cement or plaster mix, you have the freedom to make several pours so long as you care for your mold. All of our molds are made from durable, long-lasting ABS plastic so you can expect this mold to last. Please use a mold release, such as a cooking spray, to keep the inside of the mold smooth for the future use. Level the mold in a bed of sand or gravel prior to pouring for best results.


**Disclaimer: Will be shipped in Poly Bag**


Included in this package:

• (1) 28"x 14.5"x 2" Death Moth Mold