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ABS, Resin, and Silicone Mold Care

ABS, Resin, and Silicone Mold Care

So, you finally got a chance to cast some of the badass molds you saw on our site, and you'd like to keep creating more middle finger molds. Well, we're not here to get in the way of that, but we'd to take this opportunity to share some helpful mold care tips and techniques.

Always store your molds flat and avoid stacking them. Piling on molds and stacking them on top of each other may cause them to bend and warp. If space is limited, we recommend adding dividers in between each mold.

Keep your molds in a cool, dry area and away from sunlight and extreme temperatures. Heat and excessive sunlight may warp your molds and decrease their lifespan. Also, keep sharp objects away from your collections as these may pierce holes in your molds.

Clean your molds with mild soap and warm water. Be careful not to use harsh chemicals, solvents, or abrasive pads, as these may damage your molds' integrity. The same goes for the rags you use to dry these up. Polyester fibers may scratch and damage your products, so we recommend using a good old t-shirt.

For more experienced users, we recommend the use of muriatic (hydrochloric) acid and a neutralizer such as ammonia. Be sure to use gloves, a face covering, and a respirator as this a powerful chemical.

Use a mold release whenever possible such as a can of cooking spray. It makes it easier to get your casting out and helps prolong the life of your mold. 

We'd like to see your finished work and would love to get tagged on social media. Hit us up if you have any additional questions or concerns.

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