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Skull Night Light DIY Tutorial

Skull Night Light DIY Tutorial

DIY Skull Night Light Tutorial

Get your creative hats on and whip out those rubber gloves. We will be walking you through the process of making a cool night light, providing links to each element for ease of shopping and a video to keep your steps in line. Let's GO

First Steps                                                                                                                    

Protect yourself from ALL resin products, it's off gassing and any chemicals you may come into contact with. Resins get hot very quickly and this stuff does not easily wipe off. Wear gloves, slap on a respirator and protect your eye balls. Our goal is to make this fun, painless and quick. Key goals are to cast a few at a time, allow for proper cooling, release and repeat. 

*Video and Materials Shopping List is at the bottom of this page.

Casting Polyurethane Resin in an ABS Molds

The product we are using is a white polyurethane resin. Unlike the clear and deep pour products, this material is user friendly, can be colored up and is fast curing. Critical point: use a reputable release agent. We chose the Smooth-On Universal Release  Follow all necessary instructions when mixing the resin and apply a good amount of release before adding into the molds. 

Let’s Make a Skull Night Light

Step 1: Spray the ABS mold with your release agent. We used Smooth-On Universal Mold Release. It needs to be somewhat glossy which tells you that a good protective coat has been applied. Grab your mixing cup and stir utensil. Add the clear side A of the polyurethane resin and add your color pigments, if you desire. Mix side B for about 15 seconds and pour into the molds.

Mold Release

Step 2: If you want the skull to be a “shell” with thin walls, then begin rotating the mold in a circular motion to introduce the material to the wall of the mold. If you prefer a solid version like our example then pour and allow to settle in the shape you prefer to use.

Release Skulls

Step 3: Remove the casting. Once the material has blitzed into the solid color, you will need to let the material cool off before removing. Don’t play with the freshly cured skull just yet. Its super hot internally, just leave it alone. Only once it has cooled off, it is time to release. Fight it out, but don’t smash or beat the mold up. Just squeeze and work the skull out. It will let go. From there, clean off the release agent with some dish soap. We don’t need the slippery skull flying around on the table while we work.

Step 4: Find the little hook that comes with the night lights and place it wherever you would like to see the skull hang. We chose dead center so the light would pierce through the eye sockets. Drill out a tiny hole and screw/nail down the bracket.

Attach Hook

Step 65 Fix the skull to the night light and plug into the outlet. 

Attach Light Fixture





Shopping List:

SRC Fabri-Cast Resin: Get It Here

Smooth-On Universal Mold Release: Get It Here

Skull Molds: Get Them Here

4pc Night Light Sets: Get Them Here

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