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Best Concrete Release Agents

Best Concrete Release Agents

Concrete Mold Release Recipe

Best Concrete Release Agent For Latex Mold and ABS Mold Casting

Castor oil and Isopropyl Alcohol performs and conditions latex molds for concrete casting.  Blend 1 Part Castor Oil to 10 Parts Isopropyl Alcohol

Here's What You Need:


DIY Concrete Mold Release
Measure 1 part Castor Oil and 10 parts Isopropyl Alcohol out and mix together. This does not have to be an exact volume measurement so you can use oz, ml and cups measurement, so long as the mix is 10% Castor Oil to 90% Isopropyl Alcohol.  

How to Use the Castor Oil Mix as a Release Agent with Your Latex Mold

  1. Begin by cleaning your latex mold using water. Use a gentle brush to encourage residue to jump off the mold. Latex is flexible so twist and scrunch the mold to knock down any large debris from previous casts. 
  2. Spray the inside of your latex mold with the 10:1 Alcohol to Castor Oil Mix. Be sure to coat the latex mold completely without pooling. 
  3. Allow plenty of time for the Alcohol to evaporate leaving the Castor oil behind to coat and condition the latex mold. 
  4. Pour your concrete mold into the mold.
  5. Release, rinse and repeat beginning at step 1.

Is Castor Oil a Safe Concrete Mold Release?

Compared to commercial "form oils", Castor Oil based release is a great alternative. Diesel motor oil, WD40 and other harsh chemicals are commonly used within the construction trades to repel the tack of concrete to forms and molds. 

One caveat, Castor Oil is a known laxative. Ingesting might create some potty time! 

If you do not want to make your own concrete release agent, we also suggest the use of a basic cooking spray. Check out our post here that shares a few specific brands of cooking spray that works incredibly well with ABS molds and more. 

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