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Make Fire Pit Skulls | Refractory Cement

Make Fire Pit Skulls | Refractory Cement

Refractory Cement Skulls and How to Make Them

Refractory Cement is a material that can withstand a direct lick from flames and immersive temperatures of well into 2000+ degrees F.

Disclaimer: Use extreme caution when placing anything into a fire pit, oven or kiln and never place Portland cement based products into fire. 

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Casting Firepit Safe Skulls

  1. Read and digest all of the manufacturers mixing instructions. 
  2. Load up the bucket with the castable refractory material. 
  3. Add Water.
  4. Mix Thoroughly.
  5. Grab your silicone mold and pour. (no need for a release agent)
  6. Allow 18-24 hours to cure and remove carefully.
  7. Let the Skull fully cure for 24-48 hours outside of the mold.
  8. Burn In- place in an oven at a low 200 degree temperature or allow the skulls to sit fireside for a few hours before fully immersing the skull in the firepit.

Brief YouTube Video: Castable Refractory Cement Skulls

Use extreme caution when making your own refractory cement mix designs and fire resistant ornamental elements. 

Learn more about refractory cement, where to get it and grab a few recipes that we found helpful. Remember, Portland Cement is NOT to be used in open flames.


Materials List: 

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