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Cooking Spray As A Concrete Release Agent

Cooking Spray As A Concrete Release Agent

Can I Use Cooking Spray In My Molds To Casting Concrete?

Yes, you absolutely can use a canola based cooking spray to lubricate your ABS and Latex molds for casting concrete. Now, the big question remains, will the casting take paint and external color coats because you used an oil based spray? Will it smell like butter if you accidentally overlook the label? 

Products We Recommend

  • PAM Cooking Spray- excellent and easy to find at most large grocery stores.
  • Great Value Canola Oil Spray
  • Kirkland Signature Canola Oil Spray
  • Leaping Leopard Canola Oil Spray

For a DIY Latex friendly release agent, use this mix. 

How to Properly Coat the Mold for a Good Casting Release

  1. Shake the can to mix contents.
  2. Spray your mold entirely from about 6 inches away.
  3. Do not allow the cooing spray to pool up. More is not better.
  4. Wipe out and away any excess oil found in deep spots and details.
  5. More is less and less is more.

Pros and Cons of Canola Oil Based Cooking Spray

  • Smell/Odor- be mindful of the flavors that cooking sprays can be found using. The most popular is butter flavored. Do you want your castings to smell like a movie theater?
  • Residual Oil- when you use too much cooking spray, the oils can transfer into the casting which will likely inhibit paints and colorants from taking to your casted concrete. Again, less is more when using cooking spray as a release agent.
  • Cost- cooking spray can often be found in your kitchen. If so, no need to make a trip to the store for a can. Otherwise, it is a great option for the DIY'er.
  • Clean Up- simply wipe up any residue from the previous casting session and reapply the cooking spray. Easy peasy.

Wrap Up

Concrete molds will last much longer when properly using release agents paired with keeping them clean and clear of all post casting residue and debris. Take care of your molds and they will last dozens, if not hundreds, of casts.



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