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Custom Mold Making Service

Custom Mold Making Service

Pacific Mold Design Custom Mold Fabrication Service 

Custom Mold Making Service

Technology and Skills We Use to Bring Your Project to Life:

  • Classic Woodcraft- hand carving and milling master designs
  • CNC Milling- precision carving guided by computer
  • Commercial Grade 3D Printers- large and small format
  • Aspire and ZBrush Stereolithography File Rendering (In House)
  • Mold Materials: Silicone, Urethane, ABS and HDPE
  • Proprietary Designs or Public Catalog
  • Mold Fabrication Instruction and Consultation Available 


Our Custom Mold Application Process

It begins with you and your project concept. Before we begin, you will need to fill out our Custom Project Form. This will give us a high level understanding of what we will be collaborating on and will quickly help us understand your specific needs. If you have photos, 3D files, plans or any other forms of reference to speak to, please send us an email to info@pacificmolds.com. Once we understand the project concept, we will likely hop on a phone call to discuss further details.

Side Note: we will happily sign an NDA or privacy contract should your project be confidential or proprietary. Regardless, we practice confidentiality on all custom projects. 

Once we have the project scope and scale discussed, we will then submit a quotation. Our quotes will be very specific and clearly written showing time, materials, steps and costs. 

Making Your Master Part and Fabricating the Mold

No one style or type of mold fits every project the same way. Our years of experience will guide us through to the best solution to your projects end and you will be a part of that decision process. For example, we can fabricate a statuary mold using the traditional latex liner and fiberglass mother mold, but that will not work when using a urethane resin product to cast within it. We will qualify your specific use case and suggest the appropriate route to fulfill the needs. 

Taking Delivery of the Mold

Upon receipt of the new mold(s), we will need to have a conversation about how to use them. For most projects, you can use your mold straight away, but we would prefer to have a conversation before casting from the new tool. 

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