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Which Concrete Mix is Best for Statuary and Craft Mold Casting

Which Concrete Mix is Best for Statuary and Craft Mold Casting

Concrete mix, that has little to no aggregate, will allow for a smoother pour and more defined cast. Whereas, a concrete mix with aggregate will be stronger and more durable for weight bearing castings like tiles and pavers. 

Our goal is to help direct you to products that perform exceptionally well when making concrete based crafts and statuary.

PacMolds Top 4 Concrete Mix Products 


Aggregate Size Strength Cure Time
Working Time
By Rapid Set
Silica Sand
Ultra Fine
9000psi 24-48 Hours 15 Minutes
By Sakrete
Shale 3/8” 5500psi 48-72 Hours 30 Minutes
Concrete Mix
(Green Bag)
By Rapid Set
Pea Gravel 3/8” 6000psi 24-48 Hours 15 Minutes
Countertop Mix
(Blue Bag)
By Quikrete
Silica Sand
Ultra Fine
5000psi 24-48 Hours 60 Minutes


Top 2 Concrete Mix Products for Casting Statuary and Molds

Which Concrete Mix is Best for Casting into Molds?

Cement All By Rapid Set


  • Cement-ALL By Rapid Set this stuff is an artists dream. It's base color is bone white and the consistency is comparable to pancake mix. You do have to move rather quickly during the pouring process or the mix will set up. To avoid a disaster, be sure to have your molds prepared for use before you begin mixing the product with water.
**Just one negative to report, when removing the items from your molds, expect a chalky white powdery residue to form upon curing. Don't bother wiping it off immediately because it will likely come back after allowing your pieces to fully cure outside of the molds. The fix, simply rinse off the residue after about 24 hours of your items being outside of the molds.
Countertop Mix By Quikrete

  • Countertop Mix By Quikrete also a very friendly product with a smooth consistency. Easy to mix and also comes in a white or gray color. This product is slightly less expensive than the above, but equally awesome in the consistency department. This product is excellent for use with molds for statuary, tiles and decorative outdoor items that have extreme details.

What About the Other 2 Concrete Products?

These 2 products are NOT at the bottom of our list...technically they are at the end of this post, but they are advised for making items like concrete benches, monuments, tombstones and other large items. They have aggregate in them and are going to be for projects that do not require extreme detail finishing. 


Maximizer By Sakrete

 Maximizer By Sakrete this concrete mix is excellent for casting tiles, pavers and loadbearing items. When mixing, you will notice small 3/8" aggregate that is rather light weight compared to traditional concrete mixes. Could be quartz or a pumice type material to promote a lighter weight cast. Priced right and very consistent from bag to bag.


Concrete Mix By Rapid Set



Concrete Mix By Rapid Set small aggregate and fast work time. This is an excellent mix for large statuary, planters and other load bearing projects that you need to get made up quickly. Mix and Run to your Mold!




Casting smaller items, like these, requires a concrete mix that has less aggregate, but retains the strength to withstand the stress from casting into a mold with extremities, projections and relief areas of detail. Products with larger aggregate additives tend to be rougher in appearance, but carry more strength. Either way you chose, we hope this information helped with your decision to select a concrete mix. 


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