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Breeze Blocks: The Home Improvement Project You Didn't Know You Needed

Breeze Blocks: The Home Improvement Project You Didn't Know You Needed

So, you're looking for the next upgrade to your home but not sure where to start? That project may involve Breeze Block. First introduced in the 1930s in Mid Modern Century designs and never left. Breeze Blocks, aka Screen Blocks, were first introduced in Asia to filter out harsh sunlight and wind.

What are Breeze Blocks?

These blocks became popular in California and Florida to help protect against harsh weather elements. Suburbs like Palm Springs, CA, known for their warm weather, palm trees, and sunshine, use breeze blocks to protect against the hot desert sun. Florida, the Sunshine state, uses breeze blocks to protects against extreme wet weather hence the name breeze blocks.

Breeze Block In Fashion 

Breeze Blocks today are making a comeback thanks to a resurgence in Mid Century Modern designs, but this throwback is meeting a minimal new school. What was once a significant landscaping project or transition between building and yard is popping up indoors and in residential dwellings.

The trendy minimal look and feel of breeze blocks make great wall partitions in kitchens, hallways, and common areas without breaking the bank or building a wall. Today, there aren't many design options, but Pacific Mold Design offers timeless classics, modern designs, and unique breeze block molds you won't find anywhere else.

Can I Make My Own Breeze Blocks?

Our breeze block molds are available in various designs and made using high-quality HDPE, which is a strong plastic material that can be used for years to come. Shop our exclusive selection without having to spend a fortune. Pacific Mold Design has the largest selection, and our molds are in stock and ready to ship.

Use molds to make your own Breeze Blocks here.

Learn more about Breeze Blocks with our Ultimate Guide here.

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Todd on

Will veg oil work as a release agent, I plan on making a lot of the breeze blocks?

PacMold on

We are unable to respond to the blog comments. Technology Sucks!

PLEASE email us at info@pacificmolds.com or call us directly at 951.834.3391

David Goodwin on

Im curious about the release procedure. These molds are not flexible correct?

Dan Wilhem on

HI , just received my breeze block molds and was wandering whether a release agent needs to be applied to the mold prior to filling them. I assume regular premixed concrete is what is used . thanks

Barry on

I received my breeze block molds. Came back to order some more, and all of the versions I want are marked Sold Out. When can we expect to see these offered again? Thanks

Michael on

Just received my diamond breeze block. Can’t wait I to knock some out!

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