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Catacomb Fireplace | Pacific Mold Design DIY Project

DIY Catacomb Fireplace

Catacomb Fireplace

Give your boring fireplace a proper makeover this season! This DIY project is perfect for Halloween or year-round for the true gothic lover. It took our friend Merissa one weekend to complete, and the materials are below.


Pacific Mold Design | Catacomb Fireplace DIY Project



-Plaster of Paris

-Skull ABS Molds

-Spray Foam


You'll need to grab a bag of Plaster of Paris, a quick-setting gypsum plaster consisting of a fine white powder (calcium sulfate hemihydrate), which hardens when moistened and allowed to dry. Plaster of Paris does not generally shrink or crack when dry, making it an excellent medium for casting molds. casting molds.


Pacific Mold Design Skull and Fireplace Mantle



The mixing ratio of 2 parts Plaster of Paris to 1 part water will yield a pour of 12 8-inch skulls which should be more than enough to get started. Once your molds are ready, you may want to outline their placements on the cardboard to ensure everything is placed evenly throughout. 


Mold Mantle with Spray Foam


Once the layout is complete, you'll need about four cans of Spray Foam (we recommend Great Stuff Gaps & Cracks) to securely glue the skulls against the board. Let it dry for about six hours before you paint it. We chose black Krylon spray paint. 


Spray Painted Skull Molds Spray Painted Skulls Ready To Mount



Please note: The fireplace we used is not actively in use. Therefore, spray foam on a working fireplace is not recommended as it can pose a fire hazard. 

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Lance on

What do you think about concrete board? If you have a active fireplace what are some good ideas to use? What is the best way to adhere to the fireplace?

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